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Floral Living by Bloom's
Floral Living by Bloom's

Full of fresh ideas with eye-popping impact, this book shows how the advantages of permanent florals and materials can be exploited in all kinds of profitable and exciting ways.  Professional florists and creative enthusiasts alike will find lots of inspiration for making permanent floral arrangements.  Whether for your personal space or when decorating restaurants & hotels, offices & commecial premises for public buildings, flower arrangements with lasting durability are an absolute winner for all sides.

This book conveys and illustrates:

  • natural appearance of everlasting florals
  • fresh look despite use of artificial florals
  • uncomplicated and innovative techniques
  • quick construction methods
  • creations based on modules
  • multiple use of design ideas
  • designs in XXL formats
  • potential of everlasting materials for floral artists
Hardcover. 144 pages.
BFL317 - $45.00