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Miniature Moss Gardens
Miniature Moss Gardens

Create your own Japanese container gardens

In Japan, moss is revered for its sublime colors and textures, inspiring gardeners and non-gardeners alike.  Moss can be found everywhere - in gardens, in crevices between stones and in cracks in city concrete.  In the tiny world of terrariums, container gardens, dish gardens and moss ball gardens(kokedama), moss is a magic carpet that turns a diminutive plot of soil into a self-contained living world.

Miniature Moss Gardens offers expert advice and techniques from Japan, the birthplace of miniature gardening.  One of the few books in print to focus on moss and miniature gardens, it is reader-friendly for beginners and has enough ideas and tips to satisfy experienced gardeners.

You will learn about:

  • Finding and collecting moss
  • Choosing soil and containers
  • Designing your garden for visual effect
  • Choosing the best plants for your mini garden
  • Making a perfect moss ball garden
  • Enhancing your moss garden with rocks and other design elements
  • Designing a gorgeous terrarium
  • And much more!
Hardcover. 128 pages.
MMG617 - $19.95