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Wildflowers Fandex
Wildflowers Fandex

Wildlflowers are part of our heritage.  Many are tightly bound to the lifestyles of earlier generations, and have been recognized and valued for their medicinal properties, fragrance and for use in making textiles or dye products.

The plants featured in this fan are popular, native wildflowers representing some 33 different plant families.  They were selected primarily for their abundance throughout the country, rather it be seaside, open grasslands, shaded woodlands or mountain regions.

Many native wildflowers have become reliable garden plants.  Our fascination with wild plants continues.  This charming flower fan helps us learn and teach our children about American's native wildflowers.

This Wildflower Fandex makes an excellent add-on item and is beautiful when included in a flower arrangement.  Buy 5 for $47.50.

WFF515 - $12.95 each for 1 to 4 copies

$9.50 each for 5 or more copies