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Blooming Blossoms LED Sign
Blooming Blossoms LED Sign

This animated LED sign features droplets coming from the watering can to sprinkle the flowers making them burst into bloom.  Our highest impact sign will captivate your customers.  This sign can be set solid, flashing or power off.

AN24343 - $275.00 plus $25.00 shipping/handling = $300.00 total  (Available to ship in the continental USA only).

Size:  15" high x 27" long x 1" deep

Colors:  Red logo with purple flowers

About LED Signs

Our high-impact LED sign has amazing animation.

-- Bright & visible, even in daylight, for indoor use only

-- Easy to install, hanging hardware and chain are included

-- Operating Voltage: 110 vac or 220 vac

-- Low energy cost, using only 10 Watts of power

-- Slim and lightweight, only 1 inch thick

-- One year warranty

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