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Barn Weddings
Barn Weddings

by Maggie Lord.

A barn is a magical place for a wedding.  Steeped in history and evoking the simplicity of a place that time has forgotten, the classic barn has been a subject irresistible to artists, poets, and city folk alike for its stoic visage and endearing presence.

Inherent in the choice to have a barn wedding offers a great deal of flexibility and ample room for imagination.  Your ceremony and reception can use the barn as a backdrop for a lovely day in the fresh country air.  It can serve as the perfect canvas for an indoor reception, dappled by twinkling lights hung from the rafters and the glow of candles from tables full of loved ones.  A barn works equally well as a backup for inclement weather or as the centerpiece of a wedding's design.

In Barn Weddings, Maggie Lord offers ideas and advice on how to create a barn wedding, including information on different styles and decor as well as tips from the pros for making the day a special one to remember.  Part indoor, part outdoor, but all beauty, history and romance, barn weddings are as practical as they are ripe with opportunity for charm and creativity. Hardcover. 160 pages.

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